As a Copywriter, Copyeditor and a Creative Copy Director, I have always prided myself on my interpersonal skills when dealing with clients. First and foremost, listening is key. I learned very early on that you're never going to be able to please the client if you're not listening to what they're saying. Giving the client what they want, and then some, is vital to any successful enterprise.

I’ve learned that if you meet with the client, listen closely to what they’re telling you they want, and then develop creative’s that incorporate their desires, you come out a winner every time.

This mode of operation has worked for me with all types of clients, from outside clients when I was working at agencies, buyers as the clients while I was working at Bloomingdale's, Marketers as clients while I was working at Bookspan, or the demanding Frenchman who was the President and CEO of Pasteur Publishing as my client.

Of course the team dynamic is also key. The designers and writers need to be as one, a united force of creativity that's totally on the same page. In order for the creative flow to go successfully from concept to a final presentation that's point on in meeting the demands of the client, the designers and writers need to be able to brainstorm and then, working as a simpatico creative team, be in agreement on the track the project should take in order to succeed. I believe strongly in the importance of the team dynamic to make or break a project's success. I have worked very successfully within a team structure with a Creative Director who was responsible for the design elements of projects while I oversaw and executed the writing elements.