David, the clock is ticking...
Please use these 2 amazing aspects to strengthen the incredible predictions of your Tarot Cards...or as they say, you may, "lose it"!


My grandmother always told me, "When everything is going your way...go in that direction as fast as you can."

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I've looked further into the meaning of the cards you drew...

I think I've found three additional reasons why it's essential to act now to eliminate your concerns about love, and get everything destiny is offering you at this moment in time.

In order to eliminate your concerns about love and grasp everything your Tarot Cards are predicting, you need to be in "positive" synch with the 2 aspects that are entering your life.

All forces, whether they be electrical or cosmic have cycles. Both positive and negative cycles. So you want to be in sync with the positive cycle so the results you get are positive.

This is why if you want to get everything your Tarot Cards are predicting, you want to be in a positive sync with the 2 extraordinary aspects entering your chart.

But since you're not in the "Inner Circle" yet, you may find that you are out of sync.  That's the bad news...the good news is you still have until [[Feature date fill-in]] to get into a positive sync with these aspects!

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We've got to start building the strongest psychic connection we possibly can right now, so I can have a deeper understanding of what you're going through. This is the only way I can direct you to what is good for you and away from things you should avoid.

Unless of course you are happy with the way things are now...

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